The answer is “Yes.” A Bishop was once asked if he believed in infant baptism and he replied, “Believe in it? Why I have actually seen one!” Acts 2:38 calls on adults to repent and be baptized and Acts 2:39 says that the promise of forgiveness of sins and receiving the Holy Spirit is also for our children and our children’s children. Thus we baptize adults who repent and believe and we baptize their children in order to graft them into the parent’s covenant with God. This was the understanding in the Old Covenant where circumcision was a sign of the covenant. In the New Covenant baptism replaces circumcision as ‘ the covenantal sign. It is a spiritual line of demarcation. To put it in Red Neck, “if you is you is, if you ain’t you ain’t. (Col 2:6—12).

While it is clear that the only element appropriate for baptism is water, it is not as relevant as to the amount used. Using a baptistry for an adult better fits the imagery of being buried with Christ, while immersion could be terrifying for the infant (and for the priest). So in that case the font is more appropriate. The critical issue is that water is used as a sign of washing away sin and it is done in the Name of the Holy Trinity as directed by our Lord in the Great Commission.