In 2014 St. Patrick’s Anglican Church raised 3 members to the Anglican Communion of Benedictines (a Benedictine Society) and with additional membership being added over the next few years.  In 2019, the Benedictine membership of St. Patrick’s were invited to join The Monastery of the Resurrection (a true Benedictine Order) operating under the guidance of Abbot Leonard Vaughn, Rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Flowery Branch, Georgia (a parish under the Anglican Diocese of the South (ADOTS) – the same Diocese as St. Patrick’s Anglican).  After much prayer and consultation the decision was made to join the Monastery and establish the Priory of St. Patrick.

About The Monastery of the Resurrection (MotR):   MotR has membership in multiple states in the USA, and growing membership outside the USA in the Philippians, New Zealand and India.  As a Benedictine Order, it membership is predominantly Anglican, but membership is open to anyone active in a church of “Apostolic Succession”. The Monastery continues to grow and serves as home to Monks and in newly planned facility designs, Nuns.  These are living celibate lives of service to the church.  MotR also has Secular Oblates, living the life of a Monk or Nun but in their own homes as well as Monastic Oblates who are married and living a life of prayer and devotion following the interpreted Rule of Life written by St. Benedict of Nursia in 523 AD.  While the rule is very ancient, the call to prayer and service (Ora et Labora) is eternal. 

The Priory of St. Patrick is led by Br. Dorrence Stovall, OSB, Prior under the oversight of Abbot Leonard Vaughn and with the guidance of Fr. Raymond Kasch, Rector of St. Patrick’s Anglican.  Members of the Priory practice as a praying Order, remembering our Arch-Bishop, Bishops, Priests, Deacons and all ministers daily in our prayers to God and praying regularly the Daily Offices.  Members also seek to serve our Parish in any way needed evangelizing our community and reaching out to others in the State of Tennessee who might be called to a life of prayer.

Each member progresses through vows of obedience and stability.  Each member takes on a specific ministry in service to the church, and to support the physical Monastery located in Flowery Branch, GA.  Our membership has grown since 2014 with members having moved throughout the USA.  We are always interested in helping others develop a closer walk in faith through prayer and devotion.

Morning Prayer:  The Priory meets every 4th Saturday for Morning Prayer in the sanctuary at 9:00 AM.  All members of St. Patrick’s who wish to participate are welcome to attend.  For those of who may be interested in learning more about the Benedictine way of life please drop us a note at  We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.  You can also find us on FaceBook under “Priory of St. Patrick”, and the Monastery of the Resurrection. 

Ora et Labora,

Br. Dorrence Stovall, Prior.