We continue our examination of Anglican vocabulary. My plan is to examine a word or two to help you learn some of our “Anglican-isms”.. I believe they will help enrich your experience of following Christ as an Anglican Christian. This week we move to the “D”s,


Deacons are members of one of three distinct orders of ordained ministry (with bishops and priests). A deacon exercises “a special ministry of servanthood” serving all people and especially those in need. This definition reflects the practice of the early church, in which deacons were ordained “not to the priesthood but to the servanthood [diakonia, “ministry”] of the bishop” (Hippolytus, Apostolic Tradition). Christian deacons were agents of the bishop, often with oversight of charity.

As they proclaim the gospel, lead intercessions, wait at the eucharistic table, and direct the order of the assembly, deacons act as sacred messengers, agents, and attendants. The revival of the order of deacons in the twentieth century has emphasized social care and service, particularly of those outside the church. In addition to those ordained deacon as a permanent vocation, there are also “transitional deacons” who are ordained deacon as a preliminary step toward ordination as a priest. Therefore all priests, have served as deacons and retain their gifts and emphasis even in their priestly ministry.

Dominical Sacraments

Sacraments associated with the Lord Jesus Christ. The two great sacraments given by Christ to his church are Baptism and Eucharist. The term “dominical” is from Latin words meaning “of a lord,” and “lord.”