Online Giving

About Online Giving

Throughout the Church’s life, it has made accommodations for various forms of offerings. In its early days the church received food and sustenance as support.  Farm animals were common offerings. Later paper currency replaced coins as gifts. More recently checks were a common means of giving to the church.  However, we have come to the point where fewer and fewer people carry cash or write checks, but rather do most of their transactions via electronic means (Card or Bank draft).

To encourage greater participation and regularity in giving, St. Patrick’s now accept gifts via electronic means.  This is simply an option for you and your family. If you prefer to give via cash or check, that is fine too. “We’ll take anything that don’t eat.” 

The offerings of the congregation are presented and received as a part of our worship and it is vital that we not lose that connection.  So if you do give online, or send your check in mail, please pick up a “Widow’s Mite” (small coin, see Luke 21:1-4) in the narthex and place it in the offering plate to represent your gift to the Lord.  This way we will continue to see giving as an act of worship.

How to Give Online

1. Click on the “Give Online” button below

2. Fill out the form. You have several options in giving. You can give a one-time gift.  You can set up a recurring gift (twice a month, monthly, annually etc.)  You can also set it up to come from your card or as a bank draft.

3. Normal giving to the church goes into the “General Fund” category.

4. Click “Donate Now”