On October 15, 2017 St. Patrick’s began the next phase of our journey  There are two very important aspects to this:

  1.  We will re-focus ourselves on the vision and mission of the Church
  2.  We will move forward with Phase II of our building campaign, which is the building of the Great Hall.

St. Patrick’s has grown to be a strong parish known both for its outreach as well as its commitment to traditional Anglican faith and practice.  Our vision is that through us Jesus Christ will be loved, worshipped and obeyed to the end of the earth.

Our current chapel serves us well in terms of worship.  However, we have very little flexible fellowship space.  Worshippers tend to go straight from the chapel to their cars.  While the Cole house is helpful, it is not convenient or conducive for larger gatherings.  One parishioner, who had never been to the Cole House, thought it was where the priest lived and said, “Why would I barge into their house?”

The Great Hall will accomplish several things:

  • It will provide dedicated fellowship space easily accessible following worship
  • Able to hold 120+ people, it will allow for larger events including teachings, music events, and receptions
  • It will enable us to have a place to welcome guests
  • With a large fireplace and several seating areas, it will encourage conversation

Additionally, we will reconfigure and expand our current children’s areas.

  • Increased Children’s Chapel capacity
  • Increased Nursery Space
  • Dedicated bathroom for nursery
  • Secure check-in and accountability system for children

Our mission (which is how we accomplish our vision) is to Invite, Train, and Send.  The Great Hall is key to the very first step in the process –a place to invite others to get to know us.

The vision of St. Patricks Church is that Jesus Christ would be loved, worshipped, and obeyed to the ends of the earth.

To accomplish this vision:  We at St. Patrick’s proclaim God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as the Holy Trinity to be worshipped and glorified by all people. We offer traditional, orthodox Anglican worship in the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

The mission of St. Patrick’s is to be a healthy church that plants healthy churches.

To accomplish this mission: We at St. Patrick’s desire and intend to grow in the number of our members to the range of 300-500 people, and then to divide/multiply into church plants in nearby communities.

We at St. Patrick’s desire and intend to grow financially so that we move beyond being merely self supporting with the ability to support our young church plants and other kingdom ministries. We seek to be blessed in order to be a blessing.

We at St. Patrick’s desire and intend to live by the Invite-Train-Send model so that we can become the kind of healthy church that will grows healthy disciples of Jesus Christ.

With regard to inviting, we at St. Patrick’s are welcoming to all people… to those examining the Christian faith as well as new converts and seasoned believers. We strive to be a hospital for the wounded, a haven for the traveler, a home for the prodigal and a house of worship for the children of God.

With regard to training, we at St. Patrick’s desire that all Christians would grow to become devoted disciples of Jesus and so we provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to pursue life in Christ through the Four Pillars. The Four Pillars are Sacramental Living, Joyful Discipleship, Radical Love, and Gracious Evangelism.

With regard to sending, we at St. Patrick’s trust the Holy Spirit to call our members toward their various individual and collective missions in our community and beyond. He alone knows the true needs of the Church and of the World. Our task is to be prepared for Him to send us to meet those needs. In this way Jesus will be loved, worshipped, and obeyed to the ends of the earth.

GROW Campaign

Important Dates

10/15, Campaign Launch

11/4, Parish Prayer Event

11/19, Celebration Commitment Event

12/3, Congregation “First Fruits” Giving